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    313845_556644571042680_1059051418_n-small Texas Delegation TYRFNTXRangerGame2011 009 521750_4738689995029_1073076252_n TYRFNTXRangerGame2011 008 Ready to Go! 20130304_161005 TYRF Dinner at Scholz Beer Garten Russell Booth
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    228149_10150263426316125_650301124_9240510_2452459_n[1] Dr. Donna Campbell and Kristy 248939_10150263422036125_650301124_9240456_3292329_n[1] 20130304_161005 20130304_085430-small 120 599217_555882954452175_823915666_n-small_1 Ready to Go! 225389_10150263428891125_650301124_9240548_382570_n[1]